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Online extras from FWW issue #277

Video: A Deeper Look at Pull Saws 

You probably know that Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke. But there’s more to them. In this video, Andrew Hunter explains the subtleties of each of his saws, plus what to look for in your first pull saw.

Article: Dovetailed, mitered and half-blind 

There is a lot going on in the case joinery of Chris Gochnour’s sideboard. In an online feature, Chris shows you how to tackle this devilish dovetail step by step.

Video Workshop: Danish Modern desk

Tim Rousseau’s modern desk might look simple, but a lot goes into making such an elegant piece. While Tim tackles this project with a pro’s perspective using tools found in professional shops, he also draws parallels to tools found in most hobbyist woodshops.

Video: Bicycle Lathe in Motion (Coming Soon)

The GreenWood mallet-making project was initially powered by Scotty Lewis’s pedal-powered lathe. We take a closer look at the machine.

Video: Ask Peter Follansbee

We ask Peter seven of life’s toughest questions, such as: What is your favorite tool? Who is your favorite furniture maker? And what is your favorite species of wood to work with?

Video: Wall anchors demystified (Coming Soon)

Wall studs aren’t always in a convenient spot when you’re hanging a shelf or cabinet. In those cases you need to use hollow-wall anchors, but finding the right one can be difficult. We show you what to look for so you’re not left hanging.

Article: Drawing Big Curves

Creating a piece of furniture that uses long, curved lines and graceful shapes isn’t difficult, designer Paul Schürch says. It’s a matter of trusting your instinct and knowing how to use the right tools and jigs. This primer on drawing curves illustrates how to make jigs that will help you to craft such basic shapes as arcs, fair curves, and ellipses.

Podcast: Veneer Master Craig Thibodeau

Mike interviews Craig Thibodeau, author of The Craft of Veneering and creator of some of the coolest woodworking pieces you’ll ever see.

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