How to make a classic wooden storage crate

Today we’re going to make a basic crate. So useful for storage, and decorative too! We have two versions, the easy and the advanced, so choose which one works for you depending on your tools and skill level.


Easy Crate

Starting out with the easy crate, we cut our lumber to size. Be sure to start with the straightest boards possible.


Next, glue the end pieces together and then clamp to dry.


Let them dry overnight.


Next, use a round lid or other object to draw the oval handle shape.


Drill a hole to start, and then cut out with a jigsaw.


Once your end pieces are ready, you can begin to attach the side and bottom boards. You may want to clamp two boards on just to steady everything while you’re gluing and screwing.


Use 4 screws in each board. This will make a nice sturdy crate.


Run the sander over everything to smooth it down. You can finish as desired, but I like the look of leaving it unfinished.


Advanced Crate

The basic assembly of this crate is the same as the easy crate. However, we will start with re-sawing or ripping the boards, to make a lighter weight crate.


We will start the handles using a forstner bit, and then use the scroll saw to finish.


The inside of the handle is smoothed with a router.


The thinner boards will need to be nailed on instead of screwed together.


And here are the finished crates!


Free Wooden Crate Plans:


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